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Thread: 3 fully loaded Corvette 2020 C8's for the price of 1 fully loaded NC1 😉

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    Default 3 fully loaded Corvette 2020 C8's for the price of 1 fully loaded NC1 😉

    The time is fast approaching where a beautifully designed true rival to the NSX's style, performance and mid-engined layout are to be fully tested in back to back shootouts. (although not as technically advanced)

    Lets hope Acura/Honda won't be too worried about this stylish looking newcomer, but on paper the C8 could potentially kill off the NC1 if the yanks start buying patriotically.

    It certainly at this stage makes very interesting reading at only $60,000

    And the Jay Leno review:
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    I do wonder how much overlap there is with the Corvette adn the NA2, but it's a lot of car for the money and a step up from the previous generation, no doubt about it.

    Talking of which, whilst idling away a little time on Ft. Myers ,I was offered a similar car to this, new and OTR for $44,000....not sure what it'd have cost in excess baggage?
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