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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

SRS Warning Light 03

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Initially, I was talking with the owner about the several options
in case we couldnít fix the issue.

One of them was to replace the SRS unit with an used one.

However, after looking at this capacitor leakage,
I couldnít recommend it because the leakage could be already happening on
the used one as well.
Having said this, it is not that common to hear that SRS unit failed in
this mode so still not sure how it triggered the leakageÖ.

For your reference, there was no trace of moisture/water poured over
the unit from the A/C evaporator due to the blocked A/C drain hose.

So, started the repairing serviceÖ..

New capacitors, hard and jumper wires, solder bridge, etc used to
strengthen the missing/damaged circuit.

One thing to be clear.

SRS is a safety equipment.

Therefore, it should not be repaired but replaced with the new one.
Iím only doing this with the agreement from the owner.

Just I thought I have finished all of the repairing service around
the leaked capacitors, I noticed that there was still short circuit somewhere
on the board.

Eventually, it was traced back to one of the NPN transistor being dead.

Most of the electronics components on our NSX were designed in
80ís so they are not RoHs compliant and thus,
not sold as an off the shelf products any more.

I have searched for the replacement model but not happy with
the spec so started to search through my spare parts from old days.

Magically, I managed to find exactly the same parts and
installed it on the board.

Once the coating dries up, bench check again and
time to install it back into the cabin.

Finger crossed but it should be fine now as I didnít see any issues on
the chassis side.

Just hope I can put everything back in place in time for the collection.


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  1. Nytram's Avatar
    Thanks Kaz for your hard work, I am really pleased you found the fault and repaired it, I guess this is an age related problem like to the CCU board and speaker amps, and hopefully it should be ok now for another 20 years or so.
    Does the NSX have any other components that have these leaky type capacitors?
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Itís not so common but I repaired a few dash display/instrument modules for the similar reason.

    Alpine Audio Head Unit (itís not Bose) will fail for the same reason and I repaired some of them in the past.
    Nowadays, whenever I install the iPod adaptor such as USA Spec PA11-HON, I always include the head unit service because it could accelerate the head unit failure if the capacitors were already leaking.

    I had trouble with burnt track on one of the head unit after the PA11 installation in the past due to leaked capacitors and another owner saw smoke coming out from the head unit after the installation of iPod adaptor. Probably, his capacitors were already leaking.

    Any old spec electrolytic aluminium capacitors will leak eventually depending on mainly the operating temperature.
    Every year, the technology advances so when I order the new batch of capacitors, I always try to select the cost effective but most reliable ones in stock.

    Most of the original capacitors on CCU board were rated at up to 1,000Hr at 105degC.
    Iím using the uprated ones and some of them are 5,000Hr+ at this stage.