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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

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Even before the lockdown started, placed strict control at my place based on the medical info I can get through Japan.

For now, specific service menu under strict conditions will be carried out with short notice until it gets clear on why Japan has very low death figures despite no strict lockdown or even not much social distancing measures in place.

This is to protect the owner as I don't want you to get sick after collecting the car from my place.

It's very sad and we must not forget behind every death is a heart-breaking tragedy.
The total death figure in Japan is low (less than 1,000) compared to other countries despite already multiple type of covid-19 entered the country where no lockdown or even without proper social distancing and we are still in the process of finding the reason.
So, while my boss and myself experienced no sign of covid-19, that doesn't mean much as we could be just asymptomatic.

There is a strict rule on how to bring/collect the car from my place and video doorbell installed to minimise any direct meeting even outside with proper social distancing rule.

In total, about 7days are purely spent for protection purpose for both the owner and myself at the beginning and at the end of each services so even more extra time required.

As the cabin is disinfected, the leather may lose some oil.
For revitalising, please use the saddle treatment oil or similar products.
Currently, I'm using the one recommended by the nearby equestrian centre and it's called something like Ko Cho Line (may be called differently by now) but any reputable leather oil will do.

Followings are the photo from recent services.

Another NSX with wrong orientation of the battery holder bracket.

One of the most neglected routine service, the radiator.

The OEM one is a consumable, just like the oil filter but with much longer service interval.

However, due to its material and structure, all of them will start leaking sooner or later.

It was leaking much more from the front section that was hidden by other chassis parts.

After discussing with the owner, replaced with the Koyo Racing Rad.

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