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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh, Health Check, etc 34 - Final Touch

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By the way, please re-torque all wheel nuts on your return.

Although I re-torqued all wheel lock nuts after the test driving session, only 35miles covered so please re-torque all of them at 108Nm once you got back to your place.

Forgot to report back on the situation with the roof.

Before starting the Eng Refresh, washed the car and after 3 days or so, took the roof off and noticed some water trapped somewhere around the rear end of the roof.

Many years ago, I didn't like the alignment of this roof so adjusted the lock mechanism and as I had to remove the side weather seal, I thought the sealant got dried out this time.

However, the owner never noticed any leakage so my diagnosis could be wrong but can't just leave it after seeing the leakage with my eyes, agreed to inspect it.

Nothing wrong and the seal was sitting/installed properly.

The retainer was never removed at that time but from what I can see and after talking to the owner, it was confirmed that it was removed by one of the dealer when the owner bought the car due to water leakage.

That was the reason why so much excess sealant around the area.

Removing the retainer is a big job as all ept sealer had to be cleaned and replaced.

Although I have all of them (but for another owner with window refresh), on this occasion, I carried out another side seal installation by cleaning/removing the butyl tape, sealant and the ept sealer.

Due to the angle of the camera in this photo, after cleaning the front hook, the shiny silver metal acted as the mirror and reflected the roof panel.

So, it doesn't look like shiny silver but if you look with your own eye, it's clean and looks as if like a mirror.

Side seal installed with butyl tape, sealant and ept sealer.

If it leaks again, I'm afraid the retainer has to be removed so next time.

Detailed the eng bay for the last time and applied JDM sticker for showing the TB service carried out.

With my Eng Refresh, the owner has the option to carry out the TB/WP service every 60K miles or 10years whichever comes first compared to the Honda Europe service interval

After so many delay, finally the car is ready to be collected and already got the feedback from the owner regarding the good feeling of the engine and new Type-R CL pedal on his return.

Looking forward to changing out the standard 6MT CL to the twin disc spec with the Type-Szero/NSX-R mainshaft in the future once the CL starts slipping.

Thank you for using my service and waiting patiently while I was trying to minimise the delay.

Haven't managed to have my hair cut since mid/Dec last year as pretty much I was working all the time until late including the weekend over the last few months…..

Not sure when to have my hair cut with all these measures against this virus....


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