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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh, Health Check, etc 02

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Some sort of old tape being attached around the washer tank cap.

Had to remove it as I used the washer for awhile testing the nozzle angle and then refill the fluid.

The tape got hardened by heat and age that it just broke into bits and pieces.

Not sure if it was used for stopping the seepage or for different purpose but if one saw washer fluid around this area after driving,
the fluid is coming out from the tiny hole at the centre of the cap and not through the cap seal.

The hole is there to check the fluid level by placing finger over the hole while removing the cap.

Then, you can look at the clear tube underneath to see where the fluid level is.

Unfortunately, the tank being located next to the radiator, if the fluid is filled to the top, it will seep out from this tiny hole once warmed up.

The brake master cyl is showing the tiny leakage behind the base.
I was trying to take the photo showing the bubbling marking at the lower of the two fixing nut (left one when looked from this direction) but couldn't place the camera at ideal position.

It passed my specific testing method so can survive but not ideal.

It's the safety matter so I better ask the owner.
From the paint marking, must be the original one from the factory.

Not easy to see in this photo but just a tiny square shape tape or something sticking out from the dashboard where it meets the black cloth A-pillar garnish.

Prevention of the interior noise???

Noticed some water dripping when the roof panel was held at angle with L or R side facing the ground while removing it.

At that time, the car was washed a few days ago and the body panel was already dried with the garden blower so must be trapped somewhere inside the roof panel assy.

The owner never noticed it for many years and I'm the only one who found it so must open it up and inspect it further.

Hope I don't need removing the side metal frame or whatever it's called as there are many spongy EPT-sealer involved and while I have them in stock, I hate removing that sticky glue.

Unlike current strange warm weather for winter, it was quite cold when I took these photo.

So, could be caused by just the condensation behind the boot lid after washing the car and parked inside the garage for several days but the taillight assy looked as if fogging up just a bit.

Unfortunately, not great white balance with these photos and doesn't really show what I'm talking about….