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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh, Health Check, etc 01

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Have been servicing another NSX for a while.
This one was already at my place since Jun/Jul time but due to the massive extra service time (over 6 months) required for the last NSX
plus the loss of family, only just managed to start focusing on this one recently.

Several years ago, there was specific request from the owner and agreement exchanged but unfortunately, because of the above reason,
couldn't meet the requirement at all so this NSX had the highest priority in the order.

Another Eng Refresh but I didn't like at all the CL pedal feeling and the rest point height.
Almost no mechanical rattle at the pushrod free play yet the CL pedal height is too high.

Message to the owner.
For some reason, tyre pressure at the Front Right was significantly lower than the FL side.
Only 23psi when FL was at 30psi.
I know you normally use 31psi for the front set.
Please keep eye on this as I know you set it before leaving the car at my place especially you now have all four new tyres.

Had a look at the CL master cyl and from the marking on the pushrod, looked to be the OEM one.

Didnít look like the pushrod length was adjusted in the past.

However, the paint marking on the fixing nut didn't line up against the one on the frame side.
No paint marking used at the flair nut at the hydraulic line under the bonnet.

In the 2nd photo, we can see the black grease over the holder clip.

Based on the above, can't tell whether it was removed or replaced in the past but someone must have done something....

The CL master cyl looked like leaking any way.

The slave cyl and the hose are both the original ones based on the permanent marker on the fixing bolts.

The slave cyl is really rusty and since we are installing the damper-less joint together with the NSX-R CL pedal,
I will recommend the owner to replace the CL master/slave/hose as a set especially it will save the cost on the LEV model
as that canister tank is always in the way.

For the face lifted model, almost all of them will end up with this issue.

The rattling/shaky headlight unit.

I saw someone on NSX Prime took multiple photos showing the cause and the fix.

For any NSX-T model owners, please pay extra attention to the door upper weatherstrip especially the rear one where it meets the roof side weatherstrip.
This photo is from another NSX-T but shows the exact position.

NSX-T tends to have extra incline at the door window alignment and thus, it can tear off the super expensive rear weatherstrip if care was not taken.

On this NSX, for some reason, the window alignment was really tight against the weatherstrip that I was bit worried about the increased possibility of damaging the weatherstrip.

I think it already had its rear weatherstrip replaced once or even twice in the past.