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Yahoo Mail, Parts

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Hi all.
Looks like Yahoo mail is down this morning so if anyone trying to get in touch with me, please use different contact channels.

Also, just received several parts related to the tail light assy.
They were the small disc sponge cushion, bracket for the light bulb sensor, screws, top garnish, etc.

It was posted using the A4 size envelope with just my name and address.
No dated stamp so can't figure out when or where from it was posted and no sender name/address.

I have some vague memory that someone mentioned about this long time ago but with recent event back in Japan,
exchanged more than 600 messages and phone calls that even after running the search engine over all of my communication tools, still couldn’t figure out who this was from.

Just wanted to say thank you for sending them to me and hope you will find this post….


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  1. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Yahoo started recovering slowly from yesterday afternoon and now looks to be back to normal so please use my Yahoo UK email address again.

    Many people sent email to my Yahoo UK address while Yahoo was having this technical issue.
    Looking at the time stamp of all the emails emerged later yesterday, looks like they were buffered and not bounced back to the sender.

    I'm in the middle of replying back to all of them at the moment.
    If it's going to be long/complicated subject, I'll at least send out simple email first confirming that I have received yours and will send out another one with much more detailed reply later.

    If you don't hear from me within the next 12Hrs, please resend the email or contact me through different channels.

    Thank you.