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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Beaulieu Supercar Weekend 01

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It was nice meeting the old and new owners at this event.
Never been to so first time visit and thank you to Pride for introducing this in the Events forum.

Not just lots and lots of supercars but you can visit the Palace House, Motor Museum, Flower & Kitchen gardens, etc plus the benefit of free access to the Drivers' Marquee for refreshments.

I only did the Sunday but just like the Silverstone Classic probably required at least 1.5days to enjoy the event.

The demonstration run is upto one's taste.
Basically, you accelerates as fast as possible and within a second or so, hard braking to stop the car at the targeted spot.
Probably electrical motor equipped car such as Tesla or NC1 would best suited.
Not to my taste so I left the area after just 3 runs….

Well before the event, received the email that can be exchanged with the wrist band for the entry as well as for the access to the marquee.
It also contained the instruction on how to find the entrance to the venue with specific post code SO42 7YG and not to use the main gate.

However, what I found was that depending on the traffic condition, both the google map and the Waze app would guide you towards the main gate despite using the specific post code SO42 7YG.

On the way…. The blue sign says 'Beaulie Event. Do not follow sat-nav. Follow signs'.
I knew that was for the spectator and not for the supercar display driver.

However, at the Applemore roundabout, the Waze app navigated exactly the same way as the blue sign showing taking the 3rd exit despite using the specific post code.
Should have followed my instinct and carried on straight to the next roundabout….

I wish the organiser displayed another sign next to it at the above roundabout specific for the supercar drivers like this…
May not be allowed or requires extra permission due to local regulations though....

Ended up passing the main gate on the way but fortunately, still early in the morning so no traffic.
Still, due to speed limit of 40mph going through the forest and 30mph going through the village so it probably took extra 20min for the arrival.

The actual entrance, right next to the Palace House.

Next time, I would just approach the venue from east side by taking B3054 and not from north going through the forest.

Still, the detour allowed driving through the nice small village so didn't bother me too much.

Once again, lots and lots of interests from the spectators and even from other supercar owners.

The drivers' marquee.