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    How many UK NA1 & NA2’s are left.

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    This makes interesting viewing, I wonder if it includes JDM as the figures look very low: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/honda_nsx

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    If you are thinking of renewing or start contributing the NSX Club Britain (NSXCB, the Forum) Platinum status AND/OR joining The Honda NSX Owners Club (THNOC, the Club) this year, please read this carefully before paying for the Platinum contribution.

    The Club fee (consists of Club membership fee and NSXCB Platinum contribution) collection method will be posted at the end.

    If you are 'not' joining THNOC - the Club, you won’t be affected and may continue to visit the Forum as a Guest or Registered user with/without the Platinum status.

    With the introduction of THNOC in 2015, you now have 3 options.

    Option 1:
    Pay the Club fee (consists of the Club membership fee & the Forum Platinum contribution) using the payment method outside of the Forum to be the Club member as well as the Platinum status.
    Payment method at the end.
    Both the Club membership and the Forum Platinum status expire on 31/Dec every year.
    Access to the hidden Club area forum, Platinum privilege, PLI cover for THNOC organised event.

    Option 2:
    Make Platinum contribution through this Forum and become the Platinum status, without joining the THNOC – the Club.
    If you are not joining the Club and just want to make Platinum contribution only, then the payment method is here.
    Platinum status will expire after 1 year from the day you made the contribution.
    No access to the Club area, no PLI cover for the THNOC event. Platinum privilege only.

    Option 3:
    Visit the Forum as a Guest or a Registered user without Platinum contribution.
    No payment required, free.
    No privilege, limited access only.

    First, NSX Club Britain (NSXCB, the Forum) and The Honda NSX Owners Club (THNOC, the Club) are two different things.

    From a simplicity point of view, it may feel better if we can all become just one body without distinguishing one group from the other.
    However, when it comes to financial, insurance and authority point of view, the demarcation is required.

    NSXCB is a public forum with no formal organisation/constitution and no one owns it.
    It is operated by owner enthusiasts on a voluntary basis.
    The user can express their own view regarding NSX, Honda, or other topics being discussed.
    Users may post positive or negative comments as long as it follows the ‘Forum Rules’ that one agreed at the time of Registration.

    NSXCB was originally started as informal ‘chat room’ casual style and to respect those who started the Forum, we are keeping it that way.
    However, as the forum offers no formal organisation with no ownership, it cannot be recognised when it comes to applying for the insurance for events to be attended by the general public, discussing corroboration with companies such as Honda UK, etc.

    And this led to the formation of THNOC, the Club.
    It is a formally organised with a group of officers.
    All members are requested to follow the Club constitution.
    Being as a formal organisation, the THNOC can setup (and already has) its own bank account under its name, can formally apply for the Public Liability Insurance (PLI) representing the Club members.
    External organisations and companies prefer dealing with the official organisation than just a free Forum.

    Why this notice:
    While the following points were already discussed at the time of setting up the Club, published in the Club constitution, discussed during the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Silverstone Classic 2015 and recorded in the AGM minutes, THNOC wish to be open and ensure members have a reference point for the decisions made.

    Also, for those who are thinking of joining the Club for the first time will find themselves unable to access precious AGM minutes before joining the Club and therefore may not read the Club constitution (one should read though, available at the top ‘Sticky’ section under ‘General NSX Discussion’ forum).

    Important Fact to remember, Please Read:
    Because of the different background and the requirement for separacy from the point of financial and authority aspect, the Club membership fee must be collected separately and outside of the Forum.
    We need to show that the Club is not part of or inclusive of the Forum for the above aspects.

    Renewing the Forum Platinum status has no link to the renewal of Club membership.
    You must pay for the Club outside of the Forum.

    The Club membership is calendar year basis.
    When you join the Club and pay the Club fee, you will be automatically making the contribution to the Forum Platinum status.

    Because of this, if you apply for the Club, your Club membership AND the Forum Platinum status will expire at the end of 31/Dec every year regardless of the timing of payment.

    If you renew your Forum Platinum status before the collection of the Club fee that includes the Forum Platinum contribution, in effect, you are contributing to the Forum twice when you pay for the Club fee later.

    As the joint Club membership and the Forum Platinum status expires at the same time on the 31/Dec every year, regardless of the time of joining the Club, you may feel you are losing out on the Forum Platinum status term as the non-Club members with the Platinum status will be able to hold it for 365 days from the day the Platinum contribution was made.

    If you renewed your Platinum status recently and thinking of joining the Club this year but feeling that you misunderstood or losing out on the portion of Platinum contribution (shorter status period, paying twice in short term, etc.), please contact the Forum administrators.

    Although this point was discussed and agreed at the Club AGM and as part of the Club constitution, we noticed that some Club members from last year have renewed their Forum Platinum status potentially with the belief that it would automatically renew their Club membership for this year (or may believe the reminder for the Forum Platinum status to be for the Club membership).

    Depending on the timing of Club fee collection, this could result in someone being requested to make contribution to the Forum Platinum status twice just within a few days.

    If you are going to make the claim, as there is no easy way on deciding how many days we should go back for accepting one’s claim, the Club officers have determined that THNOC will only accept the claim if you renewed your Forum Platinum status after 01/Dec last year and until the time this announcement was published.

    We’ll appreciate your understanding on this.

    If you wish to join THNOC - the Club, you can find further information including the payment method through HERE.

    Please note that above contents may be updated without prior notice.

    Thank you.

    The Forum administrators and the Club officers.
    Revision history:
    09/Jan/16: Included the 3 options and the Club fee payment method as a link to the article; THNOC
    09/Jan/16: Copied the revised top notice contents [before renewing your platinum...] and [The Club fee (consists of....)...].
    09/Jan/16: Original released.