• The Honda NSX Owners Club - Club membership

    Separate to this public open forum ‘NSX Club Britain’ (NSXCB, the Forum), The Honda NSX Owners Club (THNOC, the Club) was set up for the purpose described in the following link.

    Please read the background and the Club Constitution by clicking here before joining.

    If you are thinking of renewing or start contributing the NSX Club Britain (NSXCB, the Forum) Platinum status AND/OR joining The Honda NSX Owners Club (THNOC, the Club) this year, please read this link carefully by CLICKING HERE before paying for the Platinum contribution.

    During the discussion, it was preferred to keep the link between the NSXCB and THNOC that there will be a dedicated 'THNOC - Club area' forum inside the NSXCB.
    The Club area contains exclusive information only available to the Club members and thus, it’s a hidden forum.
    In order to access it, you need to be THNOC - the Club member (the Club fee includes the payment for the Forum Platinum contribution).

    In response to member comments at the 2015 AGM, we have combined the payment process for THNOC and NSXCB, so members will now only make 1 payment.
    Club Members will automatically get Platinum Membership of NSXCB as part of their THNOC membership, so please do not make a separate payment to NSXCB.

    This will provide for the full 12 months from 1st January to 31st December, please note there is no facility to part pay during the year, in all cases the full [£25 for 2018, TBD each year at AGM] will be collected and the Club membership year will end on 31st December.

    For the clarification, please note that by joining the Club, your NSXCB Forum Platinum status will also end on 31st December even if your existing expiry date is beyond 31/Dec (this could happen if you re-newed your Platinum status before joining the Club for the current year for the first time or after some interval from your previous Club membership year) as part of the Club membership condition.

    In order to attend any and all events organised through THNOC, attendees will be required to have paid the full amount (this covers Public Liability Insurance).

    In the situation where a member purchases an Event pass using the provided club code prior to the club year end, they will still be require to pay the full Club membership (for Forum and THNOC) prior to attending the event.

    Those wishing to join / renew membership of The Honda NSX Owners Club should please transfer
    [£25 for 2018, TBD each year at AGM] to the Club account:

    Sort Code 40-33-33
    A/C No 62368323

    When making the transfer please provide your forum 'User Name' as reference for the payment, this will allow us to track individuals and trigger both access to the Club section on NSXCB and NSXCB Platinum status.

    Please also send a PM to Club Treasurer 'Martin' (User Name: havoc ) or an e-mail to martin_a_willis (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk, confirming you have made payment and containing both your full name and your forum user name.
    (We need your real name for Club records and your forum user name for NSXCB records.)

    If you have renewed Platinum membership of NSXCB on or after 01/Dec and still wish to join the Club, please make a payment for [£15 for 2018, TBD each year at AGM] only and state this in your PM/e-mail - we will be able to tie these payments together.
    Please note that Platinum contribution made prior to 01/Dec does not qualify for this treatment.

    Thank you.