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    Default spare tyre......

    following on from Duncans research into the tweaked Mercedes Benz spare wheel solution, I set upon sorting my own spare tyre....

    as you can see, after the best part of 20 years of getting hot/cooling down/getting hot..... and so on, the rubber was past it's best....

    Of course, as soon as I hit E-of-the-bay there were no MB wheels to be seen, i trawled around, finding a set of 4 porsche 944 wheels, but £100+ was excessive, but I found an audi spare....

    unfotunately it turned out to be a A2 optional spare, 155/70x15, so was a good 1 1/2 inches shorter when inflated, and to add insult to injury the A2 is 100mmx5 pcd, so no chance of fettling the bolt holes to suit anyway!

    oh well, back on ebay for that! at least got some money back!
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