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    Is anybody able to provide a picture of the ac board with a list of what capacitors are linked to what functions to help with fault finding.


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    I never bothered to find out wich capacitor is linked to what, I just replaced all of the electorlyte ones when my A/C stopped working. Also had to repair a few traces on the board that was corroded away from the leaky capacitors.

    Pictures of the board here:

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    Hi, cas.

    It is not recommended to associate the capacitor to a specific issue on your A/C system.

    The reason is, the actual issue is more likely to be caused by the leaked acid cutting through the electrical circuit tracks and pads than a capacitor failure and thus, it depends on how and where the damage was caused.

    One leakage could cause multiple failure modes as well as multiple leakage could cause just a single or several issues.

    Replacing the capacitors is only a small portion of A/C CCU board service.

    No point in just replacing some of the capacitors because you canít check some of them without removing and also eventually, all of them will fail any way.

    Most of the time is being spent on repairing the damaged circuit as well as checking some of the components.

    For example, you need to check several diode arrays, power short circuit caused by damaged Zener diode, circuit pads damage under the resistor array and so on.

    If you need to see the photo, please try these links;

    Blog category in my Blog;

    A/C CCU board service thread in Technical section;

    If you want to carry out the basic check up, please refer to the attached two pdf files.




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