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    Well as everytime I seem to go out of the house I see an NSX on the road I thought a thread with all the spotted ins would be best.

    Wednesday 25th April 09:00 ish Red NSX on the back of a car transporter going West on the M4 just after Reading services.

    Saturday 21st April 14:00 ish Blue 02+ NSX seen going up the hill from Bath towards the M4.
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    Out came the sun and the NSX's today.

    First was dark coloured, possibly Charlotte, this morning near Lakeside shopping, R14 *** looked to have non standard rims

    Second was Red/Black A13 Dartford bound around lunchtime, maybe the one I see in the area regularly, L6 maybe?


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    I was around that way today, but alas not in the NSX. Saw plenty of 'Exotics' making the most of it though; Orange Gallardo and two 550 Maranello's (one a Spyder) common.

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    spotted a bright yellow NSX sitting in traffic in the outside lane of the M20 (just past maidstone, london/M26 bound) this afternoon! hopefully he spotted the charlotte green one going the other way!!!!

    the dark one at lakeside wasn't me!
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    Saw one at Waddesdon manor yesterday, L reg red coupe. Looked great.

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    Yellow 2002+ Seen today on A14 roundabout nr A1 junction, private plate. First other one I've seen on the road in ages.

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    Is the private plate got 'ECG' on it as if it has it belongs to a consultant cardiologist at Papworth Hospital.


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    I think L6 is Trackdemon's.

    I saw a Magnum grey one today, S2 in the number plate.
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    Hey guys I feel very left out in the spotting stakes, it seems the X is more prevailent in the South (more money?) & much rarer up North, but then again I feel more exclusive & special when I drive through Manchester city centre at cruising pace & everyones intrigued with the badge! It would be nice to see another one though Calling all Xs in the North, my X feeling lonesome!
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    I think that the NSX is a car that's is very few and far between, no matter where you are. Over in NI there is about 3, (mine no longer being one as that in now in Edinburgh).

    Although I do a fair bit of traveling around, I really have to say I think I have spotted less than 5 different ones on the road EVER. This was one of the main reasons I hunted for a year for one, as I was looking for something that little but "different". And now I don't think I'll ever get rid, I was expecting something good, and it turned out to be something Special

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