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Thread: Spotted thread

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    SS today A12/A130 junction around 16:40 in the white turbo Route-KS Suzuka-GT NSX NSX-RGT

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    Spotted a red nsx with a type r rear wing northbound on the M1 about 4pm on Sunday 3rd June... We were southbound in the cube !
    aka Jonathan!!

    '92 charlotte green auto.... as a daily
    '37 Ford Y street rod......... something for the weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by exiges1 View Post
    SS today A12/A130 junction around 16:40 in the white turbo Route-KS Suzuka-GT NSX NSX-RGT

    Well spotted Tony,

    It's my daily for the last 2 weeks and probably next...the daily Porker has gone for some major surgery so off road..AGAIN!

    Range Rover Evoque luxury family first diesel car!!
    Porsche 996 911Turbo.......New Daily run around with 4 seats ...2 for kids...
    Black/black 95 NSX NA with mk1 Ary exhaust....Now sold
    Red/Black 91 NSX treasure.....FI No more NA
    Silver/Pearl White/Black 1993 NSX 3.0 5 MT NSX ZAZ R-GT Twin Scroll Turbo

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    I was watching Car SOS last night, it was about a Subaru Impreza, and for some bizzare reason they decided to hold a Japanese car meet, and for a split second, an NSX appeared, blinked and you missed it, I did catch the Number plate as it was an easy one to remember.

    So Yellow NSX reg P1 NSX spooted on my TV last night
    2005 NA2 NSX, Berlina Black with full red leather interior.
    2016 NC1 NSX, Casino White Pearl with red semi-aniline leather and alcantara.

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    Bui 403 red with a black hood NA1 in Crowborough East Sussex. I could have a very close neighbor?

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    N11 NSX at NWHL.

    Met the chap at Tewin last year, too.

    Hopefully, he'll pop in to say 'Hi'.

    ďI find myself irresistibly attracted to cars that nobody else buys. The NSX is a classic of the genre because nobody buys it and yet itís a fantastic car. Itís got a wonderful compactness and simplicity and unpretentiousness to it. Honda rudely continues to make them whether we like it or not, even though there can be no commercial logic in doing so ó I thoroughly admire that.Ē Rowan Atkinson

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    There's an older chap with a red facelift that I occasionally see around Stratford...caught up with him last Wednesday whilst in mine, which was nice. The one occasion I've spoken to him he seemed quite shy and retiring, so almost certainly not on here...
    "No man with a good car needs to be justified"

    Blue '08 FD2 CTR - big, ITR-sized shoes to fill...
    Yellow '96 NSX 3.0 - oh was it worth the wait!
    Black '99 ITR - well, I had to have another one, the first was so much fun. Miss this one even more than #1...
    Blue '03 S2000 - SOLD, flawed but fun
    Blue '04 Focus TDCi Sport - SOLD, very good fun for a diesel!
    Black '00 ITR - SOLD, still missed
    Red '98 Civic VTi - SOLD, probably still bombproof

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papalazarou View Post
    A white one with wide arch kit in Crewkerne today. In the rain!!! ;-)

    Haha only just saw this... yeah itís quite good in the rain to be fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by britlude View Post
    just like this one?????

    Steveís but Iím not sure he is on the forum! Heís got a lovely collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by havoc View Post
    Spotted an unusual one on the M40 yesterday, southbound just out of the A43 at a guess.

    Pop-up car with what looked like a satin-gold wrap (certainly wasn't NIOP) with black R-GT style extended side-vents.

    Anyone on here recognise the description?

    Ben Parkerís which is now satin black wrap and no more gold plated mugen wheels..again donít think heís on here

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