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Thread: Dry ice cleaning

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    The results look great and for anyone preparing a car for sale I see this as a good investment if you’re looking for top returns.

    Prior to the pandemic I had found this company so thought I’d share for anyone in the South East considering the ice treatment


    Hope this helps, usual disclaimers apply …

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    Having slowly dragged my car out of the last two years 'hibernation' I decided to look in to this. I'd seen videos on YouTube but a lot of those cars were having not only the dirt and surfaces corrosion blasted but also the underseal etc. That might be OK in sunny California but not the UK.
    I took my car down to Jtek last week and had it cleaned. Mine wasn't horrendous underneath but this process has dramatically improved everything.. I'm almost happy to work under the car now and not really get my hands dirty ��.
    It's easy to forget the areas you don't often see but I think it's worth it given the age of cars if it's never been done before...
    From what I researched Jtek seemed to be the only company specifically set up and focused on vehicles..

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