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Thread: Another one off for recommissioning

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    Default Another one off for recommissioning

    Just as K2NSX has been trailered away for recommissioning, now it's the turn for the other toy to go off for the same. First time seeing the sun for this car for at least two years!

    With some health issues, a year of travelling and then Covid coming along, I've hardly driven them. Really - an embarrassingly low number of miles under their wheels. When they're tucked away, I can't even look at them for fun.

    Weekends have been largely taken up with 'stuff', and jolly blatts around the countryside became increasingly rare. So once these two are back on the road, it'll be time for a change around for these toys. I need to get something interesting that I can use as a near-daily driver (sharing duties with a leased EV). As mentioned in another thread, I'm toying with an auto NSX, not sure yet.

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    Here's a nice auto NSX for your consideration...
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    Indeed, although ... (says it very quietly) ... I'm only after pop-ups.

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    I can relate
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