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Thread: Cranshaft pulley Bolt

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    Default Cranshaft pulley Bolt

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anybody has a spare Crankshaft Pulley Bolt (90019-PR7-A01) . I need it to carry out a timing belt service . You're help would be much appreciated as they are on back order with Honda UK .

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    Have you tried ATR? Probably your best bet.

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    Might be quicker to order direct from Japan yourself. I ordered a crank pulley, washer & bolt earlier this year & was with me within 2 weeks from here
    I had my cam belt changed last week at a Honda dealer & I waited since May for them to get the parts in. My guess is I would've got the parts quicker for the entire job.

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    If not damaged, you can safely reuse it.
    The most important thing is to follow the clean/oil/degrease procedure on the specified area of all parts involved.

    If replacing, as wixer mentioned, just get it from Japan.
    Many owners around the world are using Mita Motorsports, Amayama, etc.

    Just check the delivery method and compare the delivery charge.
    Although the flight schedules are recovering, still reduced service from Japan so many vendors are forced to use more reliable large courier companies that own their own cargo plane offering door to door service.
    Japan Post used to be cheaper and good choice but with reduced flight schedule, still may take extra week. The package will be handled by the Parcel Force once it has landed in UK.


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    Thanks for all your replies . I looked at Amayama and they are talking about the same time for availabilty as Honda UK ( end of November) . I would not have to pay VAT , customs duty etc if I have to order the part from the nearest Honda dealer . Just hoped someone had a spare that was available now .

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    You don't with amayama and the Japanese trade agreement... The price they charge is the price you pay..... Well has been on my last 3 purchases
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