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Thread: Typical NSX spares: disks, clutch, cambelt, water pump, etc (for '93 manual coupe)

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    Default Typical NSX spares: disks, clutch, cambelt, water pump, etc (for '93 manual coupe)

    As per title. I am about to recommission my '93 manual coupe and need to round up the parts for just about everything that you'd do with a car that's been laid up for ... well ... too long! Let me know if you've got useful stuff collecting dust on your garage shelves.

    (Prefer new, but will consider lightly used stuff for anything that's no longer available from Mr H.)

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    If ran out of options and if the garage accepts the OEM parts brought in by the owner, the popular source seems to be the likes of Mita Motorsports in Japan, Amayama, etc among other owners here.

    Just check the delivery charge and the schedule as since early 2020, lots of parts vendors were forced to change their delivery method for the obvious reason.

    Also, there was a huge change in OEM parts price in Japan on the 01/Apr but exchange rate is somewhat on our side at the moment so some parts would see huge price increase but others may not so much.


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    Thanks Kaz. I'm putting together a list with what I have (crank pulley, window regulators, some hoses) and what I will need to find. I've seen a few mentions of Amayama and we have a friend moving the the UK from Japan soon, so maybe he can bring some stuff that would ordinarily be unviable to ship.

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    I have a lightly used Oem clutch for NA1 if you are still looking.

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    Still looking...


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