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Thread: Letchworth Honda still good for NSX work?

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    Default Letchworth Honda still good for NSX work?

    Title says it all really. Being in Cambridge, I don't think I have a lot of local(ish) options.

    I'm looking at a lot of catch-up work as part of the recommissioning of K2NSX ('93 manual): water pump, timing belt, crank pulley, window motor assembly, disks and pads all round. Previously I'd been recommended to contact Bryan Smith at Letchworth. That info is at least 5 years old now. Thoughts?

    Alternatives? (I will have to trailer the car there anyway, so it might be just as easy to trailer it to a more distant specialist/workshop.)

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    I'm not sure as I haven't used them for about 5 years or so myself, I've been using my local HONDA dealer (Orpington) as they look after about 5 or 6.
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    Thanks for that. Is there a specific NSX tech that you can talk to about your car's maintenance?

    And do you know if they are happy to use parts sourced elsewhere? (Honda OEM and new, but bought via Japan, Ebay, etc.)

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    I exchange email with Bryan not frequently but from time to time and although he is still within the same Norton Way group, he moved to a different brand.
    Still 'seems to be' keeping some level of relationship with the Honda brand as it shows up in his email signature.

    Never used garages in UK apart from MOT purport so not from my own experience but according to many NSX owners, Norton Way Honda used to accept the parts brought in by the customers themselves.
    Not sure that is still the case or not.

    Hope others will chime in with their own experiences.


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    Just dropped my NSX off at Vertu Honda in Derby for cam belt, water pump & cam sensor change and a oil & filter service. They still have NA1 trained technicians. I've bought a crank pulley from Amayama and they said they would fit it. It's my first time dealing with them as my more local dealer wouldn't replace the cam belt, which was strange as they also have NA1 trained technicians.

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    ^ That's interesting (and the last bit a bit concerning).

    Are you happy to share Vertu's costing for that work? (By PM if you don't want to say in public.) They aren't so far away that using them is impossible. Especially if Kaz' info about Bryan Smith at Norton Way is true.

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