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Thread: Where did all of the forum traffic go? :-o

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    Default Where did all of the forum traffic go? :-o

    Just rediscovered my login credentials and signed back in, and seen ... that I've not missed much. It's quiet here. Very quiet. As in tumbleweed quiet.

    Has all discussion moved to Facebook?

    Did everyone sell and upgrade to a MacLaren?

    Maybe there are just fewer NSX drivers now? (Mostly in the hands of collectors? Very few sales come up, and we all know that some people have 2 or even 3 NSXs.)

    Answers on a postcard, please. Otherwise I'll be here talking to myself.

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    I think it's probably a bit of a mix of all of those reasons. not sure how many "original" member are still on here from when I first joined, but the Internet (and especially Social media) has advanced quite a bit since then, and sometimes it becomes a case of too much choice.

    Also, I have no idea how many NSX are left, they do seem to get fewer.

    Speaking for myself, I haven't used the forum much as I haven't been using my car that much, however, I am slowly getting back into it (it's currently getting a bit of work done) and then hopefully will be more active on here again.

    Hope that helps,

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    Hey Jim. Same here - time for me to get back into the NSX and that means time to start reading up (again). I'll have a fair bit of work to do myself and also need to find recommendations for NSX-savvy mechanics.

    Bizarrely, after posting my message, I got a PM from a member here encouraging me to join the NSX club. But the message looks like a cut and paste effort. Is the NSX Club part of the forum, or vice versa, or separate? No point joining that if there's no discussion forum. There is a Facebook group with what looks like the same name - is that where NSX discussion for UKers is heading?

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    The NSX Owners Club and the Forum are seperate entities, there was a decision to seperate last year, previously the Owners club had used the forum as the sole means of communicating events etc.
    There are still a few of the "old guard " here - various meets and events, like the one coming up at Knebworth in a couple of weeks where Britlude and I will be.
    The forum is still the best place for real technical information, FB has a selection of groups.
    The NSX Owners Club also has its own website and FB group.

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    Thanks Mike - it's beginning to make sense now.

    It's definitely the tech info and advice I am after, and it would be a real shame if this place withered.

    I've had another PM pitching the NSX Club, and I'm not sure why the sender keeps using PMs instead of commenting here.

    I've asked him to comment here, and will ignore any more PMs. It's almost as if he's trying to minimise traffic here in the forum, which would only have the effect of hastening its end!

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    i still post when there's something new or interesting to put out there when i can. so i try! it's still the best 'permanent' resource we have...

    unfortunately facebook has sucked a lot of traffic away, i suppose it's just the convenience, but that becomes a pain, because it all gets so diluted, like if i see someting useful i have to trawl facebook through....

    nsx uk owners,
    nsx club,
    nsx prime,
    nsx community,
    nsx owners group

    ...til i find the particular post, and Facebook doesn't make searching for things particularly easy! when it refreshes to a completely different algorithm selection doesn't help matters either

    facebook is handy if you need a quick answer to a question (sometimes its even right!)..... so not all bad
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    Thanks Jonathan. I've begrudgingly joined Facebook as I'm offloading a ton of stuff (downsizing - cameras, guitars, amps, etc) and Ebay's recent changes mean that I won't sell there any more. You are right about being at the mercy of changing algos on Facebook - nothing is as easy to find as it is on a forum like this. And that's clearly intended, and what you get if a medium is all about the 'likes'.

    Anyway, I'm glad to be back here reading the articles that you (and Kaz and so many others) have spent a lot of time creating. Much appreciated!

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    I don't use Facebook (or any other social media bar WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends) so probably in the luddite minority who still checks in here daily, though post rather less frequently than that.

    Now, where did I leave my pitchfork and torch.....

    (I am a member of the NSX Owners Club and appreciate the hard work done by the organisers....and the insurance discount membership brings!)
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    Just as soon as I've finished downsizing my accumulated piles of stuff via Facebook Marketplace, I'll delete my Facebook profile.

    I'll look at the NSX OC benefits at some point.

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    Yes it is quiet on here, but it could be worse, you could have a NC1 car of which there is no chat, unless I post it
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