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Thread: petrolhedonism show sept 17/18

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    Default petrolhedonism show sept 17/18

    hi, found out about this, so i thought i'd go... no idea what it's like, seems supercars n stuff, seems to be a big budget thing, Richard Rawlings is coming over for it, if that's your sort of thing...

    but it's at Knebworth House, and that's quite a nice place to go anyway!

    so thought i'd mention it! booked in as an individual exhibitor, cos i'm a rebel!
    aka Jonathan!!

    '92 charlotte green auto.... as a daily
    '37 Ford Y street rod......... something for the weekend!

    ...... if a photobucket pic is foggy, click it, and it'll take you to the clear version, yes, it's a clicking faff....

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    I have booked as well - both days but I may only go for one - will be a good day out, the house is an interesting place to explore.

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