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Thread: Supercar Collective - Brands Hatch - 29th Aug (Sun)

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    Default Supercar Collective - Brands Hatch - 29th Aug (Sun)

    Part of event - GT World Challenge Europe on 28 - 29th Aug.

    I love watching GT racing these days and around spring - summer time, used to attend Supercar Sunday at Silverstone as part of the British GT Silverstone 500.
    I like the casual atmosphere and great support from the organiser including the free access to the hospitality lounge.

    Obviously, no such thing for 2020 and while it's still planned for late June this year, doesn't look like any supercar event happening.

    Thanks to FB NSX UK Owners group for the nice finding.

    There are many car events on the same day around the country including the Carfest South that NSX Club will be attending.

    For those interested in GT cars or simply love the atmosphere/location/etc of Brands Hatch, this event is a good option.

    By applying, you will get 1 x free car pass + 1 x free event ticket for the driver.
    If you are taking the passenger, you'll need to buy a ticket for that person.

    You can apply as a private owner and park with other super/hyper cars (limited space available) but if there is enough interest, we could register as a group and park together as NSX owners in one place although no arrangement made yet.

    I looked into private application but found out that their website was not updated yet and still showing that the event is in May that is wrong.
    Another owner confirmed this for me and the correct date is the 29th Aug (Sun).

    Also, didn't know what type of car category to select such as hyper/sports/super cars that will decide the parking area so gave up in applying as a private owner.

    It's in the middle of bank holiday weekend so don't know how many people are interested but just going to post this here and see whether enough interest to register as a group.

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  2. Default going ..

    Thanks for posting Kaz - I applied and have my tickets - looking forward to the races. If others do the same then the organisers might group us anyway.

    I applied in the "Supercar" section

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