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Thread: New record price achieved for ‘base model’ NSX

  1. Default New record price achieved for ‘base model’ NSX

    Was sent this by another forum member today......Quite impressive for a non R or S. but wouldn’t you rather have an R8 :-)
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    Interestingly, for such a mint condition NSX, the radio knobs (it has been replaced in 2015) have the wrong colour ..
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    So that’s around £115k ... lets hope he drives it and doesn’t tuck it the garage with his 2 NA1-R’s ...

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    and then there’s this one! And it’s not even original! Look at that stereo damn it! Which brings me to my next question; with the general demise of NSX stereos and associated parts. Will aftermarket units become more acceptable on resale.
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    there are always going to be those that hanker for originality, and then there's those with no cassettes....
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    The sellers of the Silverstone car would be pleased with that price, I would think. I'm not 100% sure but I think this was an ex-Sultan of Brunei collection car, if I have the chronology correct.

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