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Thread: Radio Head Unit - crackling

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    My Radio head unit is malfunctioning, there is a loud crackling noise which is intermittent and not dependent on the volume setting. It is not changed by changing the inputs and appears in all three main speakers (hard to tell about the sub), and in any case I had the speaker amps refurbished some time ago so I think it is the head unit.

    Does anyone know where I can get this serviced please (Kaz do you do this?)

    Many thanks

    1991 Red/Black manual NSX 5 53,000 miles.

    Caterham 7 1.4 K series supersprint
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    Hi, Robin.
    Just finished servicing another head unit and I'm testing it using my NSX as we speak.

    So, I'm happy to take a look at yours on the bench system if you can take the head unit out of the cabin.
    Under current situation, I'm placing strict conditions until at least some point next year so I'm afraid, it will take extra days/weeks for the service.

    In any cases, let's wait for the announcement from the government today and then decide the next step.

    If the noise doesn't change regardless of the signal source (radio, CD, tape mode) then it most likely damaged the OP-AMP section at the bottom circuit board or even the flex circuit connector so I may decide not to repair it as it's not cost effective.

    Anyway, please send me an email with the spec of your NSX such as year model, country spec and any modifications around the battery, ICE or alternator area.
    My secondary email address is kaznsxcb-002 'at' (one word, no space, please replace 'at' with @, please note the domain ends with jp).

    Once I have received the email from you, I'll reply back from my main email address from different domain.
    I have email template with the T&C for the head unit service plus the detail of extra procedure in place for the current situation.


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