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Does your horn work?

Does your Cruise Control 'Set' and 'Resume' still operate properly?

Once you read the error code, please report back.

Strongly recommend not to touch any of the SRS connectors without knowing how it operates.
There is a super capacitor on the circuit board that will act as the power supply in case of loss of power during the accident.

This means that the SRS controller can still trigger the SRS inflator for several minutes even after disconnecting the battery.

You have been warned.

If the centre pillar external panel (marked yellow) was removed during the repair, then the person had to remove the cabin side panel (marked #7).

There is no need to touch the SRS seat belt tensioner for removing the above external panel but if you are just doing the visual inspection, then please refer to this.

Again, do not touch the connector and if you found that the connector was disconnected for some reason, DO NOT try re-connecting it.