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Thread: Martin Brundle - Ex NSX owner

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    Default Martin Brundle - Ex NSX owner

    Just read a piece in Evo magazine (July 2020 #275) in which Brundle says

    "I bought a wonderful early NSX from Derek Warwick. I used to drive it so fast, and there was no gap too small, so I had to sell it for everyone's safety."

    I wonder if anyone knows the car ? - Derek Warwick had 5 or so dealerships for a while, including Southampton i seem to remember, and still has the Jersey (Channel Islands) Honda franchise.
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    I have that car, have owned it for 20 years, have some paperwork from Martin that went with the car.
    My mate spoke to Martin at Goodwood revival last year, he told me the story about the speed he could carry into corners etc, was good to get his opinion on the car...

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