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Thread: Assembly process for door mirrors

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    Hope Paul can chime-in and post his photo of showing exactly what he meant as the 'mirror/mounting plate' but I now found out my misunderstandings….

    As in the 1st photo of Jonathan's post above, basically, Paul was referring to the black metal frame behind the mirror/acutuator assy (marked in yellow).

    He took it out from the painted PLASTIC door mirror housing/body (marked in blue, painted in red).

    I have no experience in taking this metal frame out of the plastic housing and
    I presume he struggled to insert the two long stud bolt section through the opening of the plastic housing while
    dealing with the interference between the rest of the metal frame and the door mirror housing.

    My advice would be try rotating the spring loaded base section of the metal frame.
    [Edit: In fact, looking at the photo from Procar Specials, looks like the base mount can be separated from the rest of the metal frame???
    Again, I can't speak from my own experiences....]

    It seems Procar Specials has many experiences so hope they can share the info.

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    Here is a picture how the side mirror looks if all single parts are removed.
    You also have to separate the cables from the connector, good idea is to mark them.

    Another gremlin is the small philips screw at the buttom side, which must be removed through a small mounting hole.
    If there is too much rust, its impossible to remove that part and in this case you have to drill it out carefully.
    Sometimes the thread is damaged and must be cutted again, also a new screw is necessary.

    If these 2 unpredictable things will happen, you will need some patience.

    If you will need some help, you can send them over and I will do that job for you for free.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the base mount can be separated from the body, i found this out when the pivot shaft seized and broke, meaning i had to make up a new shaft.....!!! #5

    helpfully photobucket have blurred the pics, but you can work them out, or click on them will take you to the photobucket unblurred version...

    however, if you got it apart, then it's just a case of getting the puzzle back together, you know it went one way!!!!
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    Many Thanks Gents,

    Combining all the responses, links and photos and I now have a reassembled mirror ... number 2 is proving a little more stubborn as the two screws that need to come undone seem more than happy as they are ... some persuasion is required and then I can set about installing them on the NSX

    Once sorted I can then start on Clive’s project

    regards, Paul

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