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Thread: Hope I wasn’t the only one ...

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    Default Hope I wasn’t the only one ...

    Dry, sunny, fuelled and ready to go so I had no excuse not to go out today and registered some very enjoyable miles on the NSX ...

    This time of year, the roads are generally bereft of classics or performance cars ... so its nice to brighten up peoples days ... and thanks for the fun from the unknown S2k who gave chase for a little while ...

    Its now in need of a much needed clean as the past few runs have been wet, but with the weather looking promising for another week or so, it may just have to wait a little longer for its pre-winter freshen up ...

    If you’ve been out playing, I trust you also had a great drive ....

    regards, Paul

    'Too many manufacturers today are obsessed with lap times and power outputs at the expense of emotion and fun' Colin Goodwin

    S2 is signed by the NSX Project Leader Shigeru Uehara

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    Good man Paul

    put mine to bed at start of month!

    "The value of life can be measured by how many times you soul has been deeply stirred" - Soichiro Honda

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