Hi, I'm looking for some help on driveshafts.

My independent NSX workshop in the North West has advised that I have excessive play in my driveshafts. His suggestion is that I could look to source aftermarket replacements from RockAuto.

By way of background my car is a 91 UK Model Manual with c109k. My car does not do many miles annually and only road use.

A Honda dealership replaced both outside driveshaft boots for me back in 2012 (104k miles) as they were leaking grease. Unfortunately at that time they did not suggest doing the inbound boots.

Having now spent many hours looking at posts on here - Heineken and Kaz's being particularly helpful, it would have clearly been a good thing if they'd done all the joints whilst the driveshafts were removed. That said I don't think they would have taken apart the pin bearings to get new grease into those important areas as detailed by Kaz. The inbound driveshaft boots are not showing signs of grease leakage but they still have the old type boot clips so don't think they have been replaced.

It now looks that RockAuto can supply both left and right side driveshafts.

Surtrack / trakmotive HO-8166 (rear left) 46, and HO-8362 (rear right -manual) 73 - with shipping and vat they are quoting a total of 215.

I am however a little wary of aftermarket options and have also read some unfavourable reports on Prime as well as a case on here. From Kaz's posts he's fitted a few of these Surtrack shafts. Does anyone have good or bad feedback having have had them installed for a few years now? I've been warned off Insane shafts by a UK parts importer.

My other option is to do the full refurb on the existing shafts - I expect there will be some wear to the joint, spiders and rollers (I've been looking at the many examples on the photos on posts) but I'm hopeful that there will be no cracks and it seems that in most cases the full refurb option works.

I think I'm leaning towards refurbing, but I would really welcome any suggestions please.

PS, where's best to get the boot sets from if I am to go with the refurb option, the US or Japan? I've used Japan for some other parts in the past, but have I read somewhere about restricted imports on parts including grease? (potential flammables)

Many thanks