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Thread: Today at Plans

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    Just mixing up the colours a bit...

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    Am I the only one to get the number plate referance
    2005 NA2 NSX, Berlina Black with full red leather interior.
    2016 NC1 NSX, Casino White Pearl with red semi-aniline leather and alcantara.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSX 2000 View Post
    Am I the only one to get the number plate referance
    No, just the only one that brags they can count to eight Top of the class lol...

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    Today at Plans: It's nice when the number plates match.

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    8 NSX is my favourite plate out of that lot. I'm trying to get a 666 plate for the Lambo.

    Nice setup you have there!
    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

    後は、残っているものに関係なく、不可能なことを排除する方法 ありそうもない、真実でなければなりません。

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    Today at Plans. More on the matching number plates theme...

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    Cool web address Graham,, I didn't know you had that, is it new???
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    1992 My beloved Red/Black manual NA1.😎
    1992 Chevy Lumina apv Rockford Fosgate sound system demo van.🙉
    2003 Hartge Mini Cooper S (2 x UK & 1 x European sound quality finals winner) 🏆 

    "The NSX's greatest victory was to WIN the 1995 Le Mans 24hr GT2 Class"
    ..............and guess what, it was a RED one but of course.  

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    No, not new at all. We have had and running for some time now. www.nsxuk.xcom is our NSX-specific site, and is sales focussed. is our more general site that has not-so-nice other cars like Porsches and Nobles, together with our racing / driver coaching activities etc.

    If you Google "NSX servicing", or "NSX for sale", both are usually on the first page....

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    Type-R Recaros, just back from refurbishment and re-trimming, ready to go back in our Indy Yellow Pearl Type-R. Just beautiful!

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    I wonder who was the 'model' for these seats? Can you imagine trying to provide a generic seat width that fits/suits customers across all world markets particularly in the late 80's when there was less data to work with.

    They look superb, well done the trimmer.

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