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Thread: UK-spec pop-up headlight height adjusters

  1. Default UK-spec pop-up headlight height adjusters

    Since I've had my NSX I've been a little disappointed with the range of the headlights on dipped beam. I have tried to adjust them with little success; having read on Prime that the adjusters often fail but that it is any easy job to replace them I ordered the parts and set off on a little DIY adventure.

    . . . and then I learned that the online parts diagram had lied to me.

    The UK-spec NSX (or at least my NSX) has electrical adjustment for headlight height from within the cabin via a three-position rotary knob in the button panel behind the gear lever.

    This means (obviously, in hindsight) that the headlight height adjuster on my car has an electric motor built into it to whizz the adjuster around. It is not common to the left/right adjuster.

    I may be able to replace the existing adjuster with a manual-only adjuster, but if possible I'd like to identify the correct part for replacement. So far I haven't had any luck doing so with online parts diagrams.

    Parts diagrams show 33129-SL0-A01 or 33129-SL0-N11, both of which are manual adjustment only.

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the pop-up headlight height adjuster incorporating the electrical adjuster motor?

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    Mine is JDM that doesn't have the motorised adjuster like yours.

    As far as I know, the motor is part of the headlight loom that is not sold separately.

    If you have already removed the headlight unit, could you take multiple photos especially around the area where the motor meets the mechanical adjuster thread?
    Just wondering whether you can utilise some of the parts from -N11 or not to create good working parts.

    For your reference, the unit is held by 4 x tiny 10mm bolts and because of the bolt hole size, you can gain fair amount of height adjustment even without touching the adjuster mechanism.

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    The electrical adjuster is an additional feature in EU models only (by law), it can't be found not in US or JDM models. That's one of the differences between the NSXs for different continents. That's why you won't see that part in the US parts catalog. In the picture you can see both, part no. 6 is in all NSX, the one on the right above is EU only. No part no. As Kaz mentioned, it's part of the loom of the whole headlight assembly. The bad info is you have to buy new headlights if the electronic adjuster fails and the even worse info is that the headlights are said to be discontinued (I've heard some time ago). I can adjust the height of the headlights like the US guys (Philps screwdriver from the fender side) but also have the adjustability from within the cabin.

    I guess it's mentioned here and there: if the two caps in module fail it ruins IC3 on the board where nobody knows how to replace it with -> have to buy new headlights.

    My very strong suggest is to all NSX owners out there to replace the two caps before they fail (after 20-25 years).

    Another hint: those H1 lamps suck when then get older. I've installed 'OSRAM night breakers' or the longer lasting equivalent of Philips (+130%) and the lights are bearable now but still inferior to any LED lights of modern cars.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks guys - that is exactly the kind of detailed and informative answer I have come to expect from each of you!

    Bit of a shame that the part isn't available, but that seems to be representative of life with these cars at this late stage in their lives.

    I have reassembled the headlight that I had been working on with some tweaks to to the adjustment; when I come to attack the other headlight I will take photos and see if I can adapt the electrical adjuster using some -N11 components. I have a feeling that the parts might be different sizes . . .

    I expect Christian will probably have a couple adjusters spare if I can't make a fix locally. Last resort would be fitting the manual adjusters.

    And the adjuster unit has the capacitor issue too . . . I need to start planning for a full capacitor replacement service!

    I had been using the Euro-spec parts diagram for ordering, but was thrown by it still listing 2x 33129-SL0-N11 per headlight, as well as illustrating the manual adjuster in the non-EU location. Now you point out the electrical adjuster on the loom it's there clear as day - just need to know what you're looking at!

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    I have used and new motors in stock. I can take them off from Euro headlights. I have some customer in Germany who had troubles with the TUV. IF the car is equipped from factory with this feature, it has to work. You are not allowed to convert it to manual adjustment. If you go with an Acura model to the German TUV which is not equipped with the automatic motor, then it is no problem. I was told so from 3 customers in the past years.

    Largest stocking of used NSX parts in Europe & many service parts in stock. parts inquiry: / phone +43 676 5458032

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