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Thread: Please help me contact Sudesh

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    Hello everyone, I have a northern and southern number for Sudesh that he sent me personally but they seem to be deactivated (as it was a couple of years ago). I cannot find any way to get in touch with him otherwise as his accounts inbox on NSXCB is full and messages cannot be delivered to him. If any body on here is talking to him or if they have another way to contact him could you please let him know i urgently need his expert advise as soon as possible, if he could contact me here we can exchange details, thanks in advance everyone, I appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word!

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    As there's been 80 views and no replies... I'm not sure if Suresh is still active here any more, but I'm sure some of the older (long serving) members may be able to forward a message to him if they have a contact route....

    Maybe if you pose your problem here, if appropriate, we could offer assistance....
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