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Thread: Gaydon (venue changed to NMM) visit and AGM - 2nd November

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    I will be there between 10 and 11

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    I am very disappointed, having been asked to find a venue in the Midlands, find a date when there were fewer conflicts with car events, arrange a meal and give 6 month's notice, only 3 members attend ( in addition to the officers) - the question for me at the AGM tomorrow will be, "does the club have a purpose?" If I seem wrongly to be annoyed, it is only the waste of time and money. I know that for some people things have happened last minute, and I do understand how that happens.
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    despite the poor attendance, for whatever reason... rightly irritating for those that bothered to attend, thanks to Mike, and the rest on the committee, for putting themselves out to organise this club, AGM and the meal after.....

    if they didn't do it then no-one would, unless you know different.
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