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Thread: WOW!!! Honda made it into the official top 5 reveals of FOS 2018 😂

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    Default WOW!!! Honda made it into the official top 5 reveals of FOS 2018 😂

    With all the exciting Honda technology coming through over the last 2 or 3 years it's still they're most "famous" albeit boring division that gets the most limelight:

    And if you listen very carefully I swear you can even hear the crowd, or maybe cameraman, sniggering at what they're witnessing.

    I just wish the marketing guys would get serious and just produce a car that could challenge the best hill climb times for this event, maybe with a properly prepped NSX GT3 instead of the laughable machine they produced and showcased last year, but I doubt they will.

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    At least it sounds WAY better than the so called electro-racecar which is said to be the future.

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