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Thread: Classic and Sports Car April 2019

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    Default Classic and Sports Car April 2019

    "Bargain Supercars".

    Ferrari 348 vs. Lotus Esprit vs. NSX (Type-R).

    White Type-R reg H304 HSF, currently with Plans at the mo I think and cost starting at '6 figures' so arguably not so much the bargain promised in the title!) used in the test.

    I'll not reveal the conclusions of the test but I know you'll all be relieved to hear that Snr. Senna gets a mention or two!
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    2001 3.2 Circuit Blue Coupe with pop-ups!

    "If you want to argue that The Best Car in the World is a supercar, go ahead. But there is only one that makes the grade. Only one that's built properly.
    Gordon Murray knows.
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    It's the Honda NSX."
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