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Thread: Any recommendations for mechanics local to berkshire

  1. Default Any recommendations for mechanics local to berkshire

    Hi Guys

    Need to a get a shed load of work done on my car. it's not really had anything apart from a basic service for the past 10 years.

    And was hoping for recommendations

    a list of what I think needs doing

    all the belts (aux, alternator and timing belts)

    , water pump, crankshaft pulley and coolant

    All hoses replaced

    coil packs


    Brake fluid

    Transmission fluid

    Valve clearances

    suspension and springs ( damaged both front arches needs investigating possibly wrong fitting alloys) may need alloy wheels too lol.

    gaskets and I'm sure there is loads more.

    It's a 99 targa auto .

    Any recommendations would be really appreciated as well as any advice as to what else to get done at the same time.

    Thanks guys

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    if you want it done quick and to dealer standards then the Honda dealer in Letchworth ... if he’s still there, ask for service manager Brian and mention the forum ... he has been associated with NSX for close to 20yrs ...

    However, if you want it done with extremes TLC and can wait then take a look at the blog posts by Kaz, in particular his engine refresh programme, and make your own mind up as to who you prefer to work on your car ... I know where I spend my money

    HTH, rgds Paul

    'Too many manufacturers today are obsessed with lap times and power outputs at the expense of emotion and fun' Colin Goodwin

    S2 is signed by the NSX Project Leader Shigeru Uehara

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