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A few thoughts:

1) Years ago, when the McLaren F1 was launched and Setright was doing a 'Fantasy alternative garage' story, he opted for one manual NSX and one auto NSX. IIRC, the auto was for luxury GT cruising, the manual was for exploiting in the curves.

2) When I saw the Best Motoring videos on the various NSX iterations (standard, modded, Zero, R, etc) I always wanted to see an auto NSX in the mix to see just how far behind it would be. But they never did one. So even for the Japanese market, the auto is second-best for driving fun.

3) UK spec, manual and uncrashed remain The Big Three factors when valuing (non-Type R) NSXs. I think it's always been that way

4) I think the NSX auto box is one of the old-fashioned ones that always changes down at the wrong moment when you are driving enthusiastically. It's my pet hate in with autoboxes; my Lexus LS400 is the same (but I don't drive that car enthusiastically!)
My Leg End does that - unless in manual mode. Which it usually is.

I'd have to have the F-matic for that reason.

And probably a -T, if we consistently had the weather for such a cruiser.