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    Hi All,

    I have bought myself my first supercar and it will arrive from Japan in a few months time.

    I have been told of a few problems but will not know if they are actual problems or know of any others until it arrives so i thought its best to plan ahead and see what these parts are priced like and the availability on them.


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    Welcome and look forward to the photos ...

    How do you intend to use the NSX when it arrives? Is there a need to fully replace suspension to coil overs? Several owners over the yrs have gone this route only to later remove unless investing in the very top end units. By far the most effective for road use is to replace the shocks with Bilstiens whilst retaining the OEM springs. This offers a far better combo in my view of performance and ride quality, and given the state of UK roads, compliance and control are key factors.

    For all the other parts, unless someone jumps in with tucked away in the garage, then search the vendor section as there a re a couple of trusted vendors who are sure to have what you need, now and in the future

    HTH, rgds Paul
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    I have a drivers side window regulator if you need it. Drop me a PM if interested.

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    I have a set of BBS RGRs in NSX offset lying around in my barn. One wheel might need some paint as there was a mark but they are undamaged. They are dark coloured.

    pic here of them on my car. The rears have tyres on but they might be a few years old now
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm not sure at the moment how much i will use the car however i do want to adjust the height when i change the wheels, not drastically but just in relation to the arch gap.

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    I've got a set of 17/18 BBS LM split rims in gold, with tyres. Perfect NSX fitment.


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    I have an oem 94 and 02 rim set. I stock a used window motor too for RHD.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Papalazarou View Post

    I've got a set of 17/18 BBS LM split rims in gold, with tyres. Perfect NSX fitment.



    Hi James, I've sent you a PM but its not showing in sent. Thanks

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