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Thread: Hi all, looking for a manual NA1

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    Default Hi all, looking for a manual NA1

    Hi, can't see a 'welcome' type forum so figured I'd start a thread here whilst I get looking for an NSX.

    I've had three attainable dream cars since I was a kid - the mk.2 MR2 (after seeing a yellow one on the motorway out the back of my mum's astra), the R32 Skyline GTR (thanks to being a playstation kid growing up in the 90s) and the NA1 NSX (also thanks to playing racing games a bit too much). I've owned quite a mix of cars, starting out in a crappy Corsa but moving onto VWs soon after where I learnt to get stuck in and ended up doing as many engine conversions as I could manage on a sixth form part-time Halfords pay packet. While I was at uni I picked up an MR2 for a year before it broke but that scratched the itch for RWD, and then three years ago I bought my R32 Skyline GTR. I still love that car but seeing how NSX prices are going it's time for me to move on and make the jump now or I can't see myself being able to afford my last attainable dream car if I wait much longer!

    Here's the Skyline - currently up for sale to make space in the garage and partially fund the NSX. It's running standard boost so ~320bhp with some handling mods but pretty standard otherwise!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm trying to keep my options open with an NSX but I do want a manual NA1 - I'm not prepared to compromise there unless the price is good enough to enable a manual conversion and still be within my overall budget. Ideally it'd be red or white and pre-'92 but that's only if i was allowed to be very picky. If anyone is interested in shifting their NSX and fancies a go in a different sort of '90s weapon then let me know - I wouldn't be averse to a swap with large amounts of cash your way!


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    How much are you after for the R32?

    I do have an early NA1 manual which is near complete restoration, but maybe a bit much?
    Not another NSX project!
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    My red/black NA1 manual is just about to go for restore, I don't intend to spend months on it as I'd like it back for late summer. If you're still in the market let me know

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