Hello Everyone,

High performance ignition coil upgrade kit, fully compatible with OEM ECU and parts.
Full direct replacement & 100% reversible & fit's underneath the coil trim panels!

This system features numerous improvements over the dated 27 year old ignition the NSX uses.
The kit is designed to fully replace the ignition yet plug in to the standard loom, and provide more accurate, stronger spark whilst being forced induction compatible at 200 HP per cylinder.

Improvements versus OEM
  • Much lighter modern electronics, 1/3 weight of the OE coils.
  • Stronger more exact spark with improved control

Response charge time of just 2 milliseconds
Capable of handling 200 hp per cylinder

  • Better thermal properties reduce heat soak and corresponding voltage drop.
  • Eliminates fully the ignition control module assembly on top of the throttle body. (less failure prone parts, less weight)

Plugs in to OE plug for the ICM and the engine loom for the coil feed.

  • Features integrated module to have the coils work correctly with the output of the Honda OBD1 ECU .

Module compensates for feed signal difference, earthing and resistances. (these coils are designed for use in Can-bus controlled Lamborghini's and Race cars)


Standard ECU

  • 1990-1999 EDM OBD-1 NSX
  • 1990-1994 USDM OBD-1 NSX
  • 1990-1997 JDM OBD-1 NSX

Coming soon:

  • 2000-2005 EDM OBD-1 NSX
  • 1995-2005 USDM OBD-2 NSX
  • 1998-2005 JDM OBD-2 NSX

Aftermarket ECU

Benefits / Usage
So a lot of you are going to think, cool but what is the advantage i'm getting out of this?
Let's split it up in four scenarios,

Stock to Mildly modified NSX running OE ecu
  • Lighter more reliable ignition
  • Alternative to discontinued OEM ignition coils which are known weak spots in the NSX
  • More exact tune-ability in combination with for example a RDX upgrade & more exact spark control 6000-8000 RPM
  • Not susceptible to water/moisture damage on the rear bank

CTSC NSX (piggy back FIC)
  • Better suited to forced induction
  • Handel's the added heat soak better of the supercharger
  • Boost ignition timing is more exact, stronger spark and a more exact point in the timing table
  • Eliminates the stock ICM which can be hard to reach on CTSC cars

Turbocharger NSX (stand alone ecu)
  • Stronger spark able to properly deal with high boost application
  • Capable of handling more timing resolution (coil charges faster and more exact thus more time to spark for any given cycle)
  • Eliminates the stock ICM reducing complexity of the electronic system

Naturally aspirated NSX (stand alone ecu)
  • Improved response and charge times allow more exact spark timing control and duration (thus more exact tuning 6000-9000 RPM
  • Improved spark voltage and strength (also during heat load) allow for better combustion control allowing for more aggressive setups.
  • Simplified packaging for ITB cars

Kit contents
Fully plug and play, full serviceable and reversible
  • 6x modified Bosch racing coil packs, modified to fit NSX spark-plug tubes
  • Wiring harness with OEM connections
  • Integrated module
  • Special installation grease
  • Detailed English manual

Full kit: 675
Shipping in Europe 13 (please add 21% for private sales tax)

OE vs Bosch