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Thread: NSX-R Recaro Pole Postion ABE! - Group buy - A.S. Motorsport

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.S. Motorsport View Post

    We're very please to announce we have finally managed to be able to have Recaro make NSX-R style seats based on the Pole Position ABE shell.
    These will come as picture below just as in a NSX-R 2002-2005 without the OE price tag for kevlar shells.

    Important to note,
    These will use the same OE special outer fabric as the real NSX-R.
    Made in Germany by Recaro them-self specifically for us - so no replica or knock-off item the real deal made by the factory.

    We are now organizing a group buy to bring the cost down.
    Minimum would be 5 pairs with no maximum.

    The material is custom order and they need to be hand made at a special line in the Recaro factory in Germany,
    Lead time as of now roughly 10 weeks after GB closes.

    1. john_staxx


    €1250 per seat - €2500 per pair

    Shipping Europe, €25-75 typically, please contact
    Shipping Asia, please ask 200-400 typically.

    For anyone near our shop, or willing to drive free install.

    Carbon fiber shell (not kevlar) €1075 per seat, €2150 for the pair

    We can laminate the FPR shells in the correct kevlar, please ask for a specific quote.

    We accept;
    - PayPal (fee's apply, 3.9%)
    - Bank Transfer (please cover bank fee's IF applicable)
    - Cash at our shop (sales taxes applies)

    Deposit required!:
    - 33% upon sign up
    - 33% when the GB close and production is locked in.
    - 34% prior to shipping

    Pricing in EURO, exchange rates vary constantly at time of posting c.a. $1.07 for each Euro
    Shipping cost subject to your postal code, above listed are indications.

    FOR EU buyers, if your buying as a private person, 21% tax applies - Company sales are tax exempt-

    I would like to put my name down please.



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    I would like to talk with someone from AS Motorsport about getting covers for my Type-R l/s, drivers seat, US car. I’ve seen “Recaro” bolster cover / pads for the seat bottoms for the Type-R seat. I’d also like to find two in black. Could anyone help, please?

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    Still trying to get ahold of anyone from AS Motorsport for some much needed NSX and Recaro bits. Been trying AS and no luck except for some engine swap info but none for the NSX.
    Any help needed.


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    Not sure why it's that difficult in this era.
    May be there is un-known reason that is preventing the communication???

    Tried the phone?
    These days, using any app would make the international call free or really cheap and the different time zone should not be much of a problem.

    Tried their standard email address ?
    I could forward another one to your email address if it doesn't work.

    They are fairly active on FB and I 'think' I even saw somewhere on FB group about sending the Recaro seat to US owner.

    I don't know if you use FB but if not and if you want to, I could just send a message once to them telling that you are trying to get in touch and leave the rest to you.

    Or, since I know your email address, if you are happy to do so, I can forward it to them and then leave the rest.


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    Thank you Kaz, yes to passing on my information to AS Motorsport. I would like to find some OEM Recaro Type-R seat material in black. I bought an OEM Type-R seat cover from Mita Motorsport and the bottom cushion is discontinued and the interior shop installing the cover on the shell doesn’t have access to any OEM Recaro, black, Type-R material. I also need some of the black plastic oval pieces that protect the seat cover material where the shoulder harnesses and lap belts come through the shell.
    I don’t Facebook or instagram or any of the newer go fast sites so maybe e-mail or PM is the best way to communicate with them. Their PM mailbox is full here at NSXCB so until they empty their box that way won’t work.
    Any advice is appreciated as always.


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    Had a chat with Adnan this morning on Instagram - he reported back that no e-mail was received from Nigel.
    The situation was explained and Adnan asked to contact Nigel via his e-mail address.
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    Thank all you that are helping me with contacting AS Motorsport. I finally got an e-mail from them today and am able to make inquiries. A special thanks to Lars and Kaz for your help so far. Hoping for a good outcome with my Type-R seat installation.


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    I appreciate this is an old thread, however I would be interested to know how you got on with the mount for the seats and if there was an option to replicate the OEM NSX-R and TypeS electric rails.


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