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Thread: NSX-R - 1996 NA1 collected from Plans Performance 18 Feb 2016

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    Congrats, Shawn.

    What can I say? Put 5,000 miles on the NA1R before you get the NA2R so you can compare with some authority!

    I find myself irresistibly attracted to cars that nobody else buys. The NSX is a classic of the genre because nobody buys it and yet its a fantastic car. Its got a wonderful compactness and simplicity and unpretentiousness to it. Honda rudely continues to make them whether we like it or not, even though there can be no commercial logic in doing so I thoroughly admire that. Rowan Atkinson

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    I think for UK roads I'd be going for the NA1-R. I know the NA2-R is probably the better car, but it's got even stiffer suspension and I still prefer pop-ups to facelift lights, dynamics notwithstanding. Just personal preference though...the NA2-R will always be the halo-car.

    ...just promise us you'll bring one or the other to Japfest / Silverstone Classic / ...???
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    well there is certainly not many can claim to have owned both variants
    my hat off to you sir for making the decision ... 2 lovely cars indeed.

    non pas is the only way to experience the NSX properly anyway!!!

    i look forward to seeing your pics of the na2
    "The value of life can be measured by how many times you soul has been deeply stirred" - Soichiro Honda

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    Interesting observation.
    When I test driven NA1 Type-R and NA2 NSX-R for a short period on UK road, I felt quite the other way round.
    I also drove NA1 Type-R for a few months and about a few weeks with both NA1 and NA2 Type-R/NSX-R back to back on the same road/course while in Japan and again, the same impression - NA1 Type-R was much more peaky than the NA2 one from the point of ride quality.

    I think the definition of ride quality and the meaning of harshness/stiffness could be different from one person to the other and its probably something heavily depends on one's driving style and how you express your feedback but if you just look at the spring rate, you may get the idea that the NA2 NSX-R would present harsh ride quality compared to the NA1 Type-R.

    But if you drive both cars back to back, it's actually quite the opposite, well at least, that was the case for me.
    Would be interesting to hear the feedback from Shawnsx5.

    There are so many factors such as the damper, anti-roll bar, tyre, wheel, bush, etc that will change the so called 'ride quality' and on top of these, you need to consider the roll stiffness distribution.
    Compared to NA1 Type-R, Honda 'softened' (not the physical hard/soft feeling, it's the roll stiffness balance) the front side on the NA2 NSX-R to increase the cornering grip.
    This was probably the main reason for how I felt when compared the two.

    In Japan, even on the smooth road surface on the motorway or at a certain circuit, my hair/helmet was frequently bounced into the ceiling when driving the NA1 Type-R.
    Same test sessions but with NA2 NSX-R, I felt much more comfortable mainly because of the increased chassis stiffness and the chassis setup change.

    By the way, some of the NA1 & NA2 Type-R/NSX-R owners including the ones tracking regularly installed the EPS using the aftermarket adaptor cables so again, interesting to see the difference in one's view.

    Wishing you a wonderful time with your NSX-R, Shawnsx5..
    In my view, I'll never see something like this project again in my life with the support of all manufacturing companies that put the skill and achievement over the cost.


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    I haven't been here in a while. Wonderful to see another of these cars on this little island, the more chance of a peak for us.
    I am sure you are enjoying her, surely the pinnacle of the NSX.

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    Thats 3 white Type Rs in the UK now (is there more?), mine which arrived in October last year, one down at Torque GT in Devon (who imported mine) and this beauty. would be great to meet up at some point!
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