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Thread: RHD parts for sale

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    Default RHD parts for sale

    Hi guys!
    I just started a new crazy project of converting a real JDM car into a LHD JDM NSX (will probably be the only LHD nsx with such a small VIN number)

    So all the RHD parts must go

    Here is the list of what I have available in RHD

    Carpet set in black (4 pieces) - SOLD
    Dashboard with some crazy TV screen installation on it. Ideal to cover it with alcantara - 350 + 100 the TV
    Glovebox - 100
    Modified Console - SOLD
    Hashtrey + Cigarette lighter - SOLD
    Handbrake - 50
    Steering column - 150
    rear 3 center pieces, with some extra speakers installed in it - 50 each
    handrest box - 150
    EPS rack - SOLD
    EPS modules and harness to convert a manual steering to a power steering one or to replace a broken one. 480
    Heater unit int - 150
    Blower unit ext - 150
    front water aluminium hoses - 100 each
    RHD front firewall frame (to convert a LHD into a RHD car...) - 750
    Wiper motor - 150
    Wipers - 100
    ABS Unit - 200

    All parts are located in Portugal. Shipping is not included but can be arranged
    Will post pictures very soon
    Thank you!
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    That sounds like an interesting project. Wouldn't it be cheaper/quicker/easier to just sell the car and buy a lhd one though?


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    Hugabuga I tried to PM you but your inbox is full.

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    MisterCorn you are right but it would be much easier/quicker/cheaper not to do anything at all It is too late to debate it anyway as I already bought the car, now I can only move forward until it is concluded

    Car is black and is an automatic, I intend to do a full color change and convert it to manual of course
    Basically I'll be doing a triple conversion project on this JDM NSX: from a BLACK RHD AUTO to a WHITE LHD MANUAL

    I have no use of any of the harnesses for my project nor any of the RHD specific parts, all in the picture have to go.

    The front harness loom is on hold until the EPS is gone, as it could be needed for someone doing a manual to power steering conversion project and I think that person has the priority to buy it.
    Same goes for the ESP ECU

    Due to size I did not include the ABS, ESP and the steering column in the picture...

    Here is a fresh picture.

    If you need any more detailed picture of any part just let me know
    Thanks for your interest

    Console was sold this morning
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    Hi UK Members
    It's been a while, I just renew my vendor membership.
    Lots of RHD parts getting dust on a shelf, I will have no use for them. Make me an offer for the lot.

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    Hi, hugabuga. Kaz here. I’m one of the administrator of the forum.
    Good to seeing you back on here.

    I checked the forum record from 01/Jan/2010 and as far as I can see, you have never applied for the NSXCB Vendor.
    You were Platinum status in the past though.

    I believe you made mistake for applying for the Vendor status instead of Platinum one for selling the parts in this 'For Sale' forum.

    Vendor is not allowed to sell their products through this section.
    There is a dedicated 'NSXCB Vendor' section as a different forum.

    If you made mistake, please contact user 'Senninha' explaining the situation and he may be able to assist you with a refund (minus any PayPal fee already deducted).
    Then, you can apply for the Platinum status (please check the 'Important Notice' at the top of this page before doing so) to post in this For Sale forum.

    If you are indeed becoming a new vendor, then please move this thread to the ‘NSXCB Vendors’ forum.

    For the time being, I'll disable any future posts from you in this 'For Sale' forum to be fair with other vendors.
    As a backup, I just sent email to your registered email address with the same contents as this post.
    Hope you are using the latest email address in your user control panel.

    Thank you.

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    hugabuga do you have the section that surrounds the ignition key point?

    [Kaz-kzukNA1: removed 'Kaz' at the beginning of the post as I'm not the seller... Replaced it with 'hugabuga'.]
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    Hi Kaz thank you for your message

    It was not a mistake. I registered myself as a vendor mainly to be able to post and sell my famous window kits in the vendor section. Being an upgrading/performance produt it will be a repetitive sale of the same item over and over again and not just one occasional sale of 1 item, thus the required vendor status required that's the rules on NSXPrime...)

    While I was preparing the ad for the window kit in the vendor section, I remembered to bump some old "parts for sale" threads now that I am registered as a vendor with a higher status (and contribution) then a platinum member but being able to post "regular" parts for sale ad as any platinum member

    Please let me know if I am mistaken.
    Tks Hugo

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    Hi, Hugo.
    If that is the case, it's the same as 'austrian type-r' starting vendor forum as 'ATR Racing'.
    Therefore, as I have done the same for him, I'll move all of your thread in this section to your dedicated vendor forum.

    Then, you have better control of your own forum such as bumping, deleting offline posts, etc.
    I'll also delete this post and my last one to keep your 'RHD parts for sale' thread clean.

    For now, I just created temporary forum for you in the NSXCB Vendors section with the Vendor title as 'hugabuga - TBD'.
    Please let me know the following point to me or one of the admin by clicking on the 'Contact Us' at the bottom or through email to me at kaznsxcb-001'at'yahoo'dot'co'dot'jp

    1. Vendor title (at the moment, displayed as 'hugabuga - TBD')
    2. Description (this is what the users will see under your vendor title, as you can see in your temporary forum)
    3. Contact email address (you can set different email address for your vendor forum purpose addition to the one linked with your userID)

    Thank you.


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