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Thread: Britludes NSX story

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    also ordered new door/body seals that go over the side glass.... these are overly complicated rubber mouldings with various internal and external channels, and mine had split on one of the moulding joins, and no matter what i tried i couldn't get them to seal adequately, and the water was managing to appear behind the rubber at the front and rear corners, getting the flocked body edge seal wet, wicking the water inside and getting it damp. i've always had this issue, and enough was enough!

    so new seals purchased, i had replaced them many moons ago!
    NSX body seal.... by NSX Jon, on Flickr

    so fitted and extra attention used when fitting the ends... there are channels to direct water that gets into the rubber seal core (yes really!) to outside the door seals, so a bit of juggling and extra silicon was used to make sure water stayed where it should.... fingers crossed its ok... it fails in a very heavy downpour, but they have been a bit extreme lately!!!

    so the rubbers fitted, they were tested with a bit of spray instant detailer in the rubber 'holes' to see if the fluid was directed correctly.... (instant detailer being a milky colour to make it obvious!) and all seems well... except....

    the passenger side front.....

    NSX secret water channel by NSX Jon, on Flickr

    in the front channel beside the glass there is 2 holes, one half way down, and one where the channel ends where the front triangle panel meets the glass/body seal....... except this one wasn't properly formed, a skin over where the hole should be! a quick trim with a scalpel and a hole was returned!!!!

    NSX secret water channel by NSX Jon, on Flickr
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    ...... if a photobucket pic is foggy, click it, and it'll take you to the clear version, yes, it's a clicking faff....

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