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Thread: R motion - NSX race build

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    Shame to see it all stickered up like this....The silver and black looks so much cooler the least the engine went in a car that won the modded car of the year at this years NSXCE tour.


    Quote Originally Posted by drmikey View Post
    So before starting my next build thread. thought Id better update this one.

    So I built the car, drive it 200 miles, realised Im never going to track it, so sold it to these guys! At least its being used for what I built it originally for

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Surfer View Post
    You can't suppress the NSX bug despite having a faster/newer/meaner/more powerful car...LOL

    Well as you know, everyone needs to own a Porsche AND an NSX
    Not another NSX project!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drmikey View Post
    Well as you know, everyone needs to own a Porsche AND an NSX
    Well, an NSX ....
    aka Jonathan!!

    '92 charlotte green auto.... as a daily
    '37 Ford Y street rod......... something for the weekend!

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    Thanks for sharing and look forward to the ‘build’ thread ...

    Quote Originally Posted by drmikey View Post
    Road, and nearly OEM - Ive given up trying to make NSXs faster and handle better, they were just great out of the factory!

    Its a complicated one. I have a clean black 93 shell and a 93 manual coupe with 25k on the clock which had some damage. So Im going to make a good one out of the two!

    'Too many manufacturers today are obsessed with lap times and power outputs at the expense of emotion and fun' Colin Goodwin

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