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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

MX5 Engine Refresh 04

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Vacuum filled the cooling system.

The silicone sealant on the drain plug worked well for a
temporally fix although I donít want to loose coolant on the
motorway so already placed the order to Japan.

After installing the cam shafts, I rotated the crank by hand
many times but before firing up the engine, I prefer cranking it
without the spark and INJ several times to further splash enough
oil around the cam shafts so gave it several short cranking.

Engine oil and filter also replaced.

And engine fired up.

Iím really pleased with the result even before taking the compression.

The engine sounded so quiet and smooth.

Quick check on the IG timing as I had to remove the CRK/CYL sensor
while removing the exhaust side cam shaft.

It was spot on at BTDC 10deg but I prefer advancing it a little
so will adjust it later.

Idle rpm to be adjusted at the same time

Cooled down the engine to give some thermal shock to check for
any leakages and also to check the coolant and oil level.

Went out for a quick test driving session but it was very wet and
all I could hear was the rain hitting the soft top so just blipped the
engine to max rpm several times and went back.

JDM TB package comes with small sticker to show when
the TB service was carried out so it's now on the engine.

Should have polished the valve cover using Scotch Brite......

Wanted to replace the fuel filter within today but ran out of time so
will do it over the weekend and dress the engine.