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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

MX5 Engine Refresh 03

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New WP installed.

The bearing on the existing one showed some friction so once again,
best to replace WP at the time of TB service on our NSX as well.

TB installed.

Although many people mentioned that it is hard to set the cam/crank timing against
the factory marking on MX5, it was so much easier than the NSX if you try to do the
same while the engine is inside the engine bay.

On NSX, you canít even see the timing mark at the rear bank without using the mirror.

As same as NSX, MX5 doesnít use automatic tensioner so once you set it,
you are going to rely on it until the next TB service.

So, just double check the tension.

Just putting everything back in place.

The radiator was fairly clean but since it was removed,
washed the core fin and also rinsed the internal part.

Vacuum leak check.

After about 5min, I didnít see any movement on the gauge so
started installing rest of the parts on the engine and when I came back
after about 45min, I noticed single movement on the gauge.

The leakage was so small that I thought I would not be able to find it but
by wetting all of the connection points with my finger and listening to any
faint noise, managed to spot it at the radiator drain plug section.

It was not from the rubber gasket but seemed to be from the centre of
the plastic plug which was very interesting because there was no leakage
in the past and on top of this, I couldnít even see any cracks or damages
to it.

I donít have any spares for this but need to move this car off the lift to
start working on another NSX so will try to use liquid gasket for the
engine fire up and going to replace it with the new one next week.

Most of the time, parts for MX5 are so much cheaper than the ones for
NSX but I was surprised to find that such a small plastic plug will cost
nearly GBP8...... I better check the price in Japan as I'm expecting some
delivery next week.....

Luckily, it can be replaced with just a splash of coolant if I keep the
radiator cap on and blocking the overflow tube.

So, all the engine related parts back in place and will vacuum fill the coolant
and fire up the engine tomorrow.

Almost done.