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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Frame Repair

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In the past, I showed the example of chassis frame repairing work and recently, several NSX in Japan went through the similar services.
You can find the past example here;

(All of the photos in this post are from Mr Toyoizumi at KSP Engineering in Japan.)

The following examples are carried out under the insurance work so the owners were very fortunate to be covered with enough insurance.

This Charlotte Green had substantial front damage so it was decided to have its entire front frame replaced.

It seems that the front frame assy for the ‘pop up’ light models was discontinued or on a long back order so the owner decided to convert his NSX to the later look and used the frame for the ‘face lifted’ model.
Even decided to change the colour to Berlina Black.

This Formula Red one was very unfortunate and being hit at the left side by another driver who ignored the red traffic light….

The main frame was adjusted and again, the owner decided to convert it to the face lifted look so the front frame is going to be replaced.

This Kaiser Silver one looked really bad from outside but from the frame point of view, it’s actually not too bad.
However, due to lots of panel damages and involving lots of other parts, it is going to cost a lot.

I wish we have the access to the reasonably priced new parts within UK so that we can recover and enjoy even the damaged NSX for a long time.



  1. gumball's Avatar
    It is great shame so many NSX are written off and broken for parts here.
  2. PeterW's Avatar
    I guess the insurance companies are not doing it to preserve Japan's motoring heritage. Somehow it must make financial sense for them. Maybe a combination of:
    - the cars are worth more than they are here, so they'll spend more before writing off;
    - insurance premiums are presumably also therefore higher;
    - cheaper parts;
    - bigger customer base, so somebody like Mr Toyoizumi can make a viable business out of it.