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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Donington Historic Festival

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Normally around May bank holiday, I would be at Brands Hatch for the GT World Challenge but this year, our member sorepaw (Mike) organised a meeting at this event so decided to head to Donington for a change.
Thank you Mike for all the arrangements.

The organiser wanted paying tribute to Ayrton and the parade lap on Saturday so for someone worked with him, why not.

I really wish Silverstone to put the barrier/fence down at the paddock during the Silverstone Festival (Classic).
So easy to get close to the cars and team members.
Of course you respect them and not to disturb but just so nice watching their activities including the lady handing out the helmet to the driver with grey hair.

So many yellow flags and took some time recovering some of the retired cars so the race program was really pushed behind.

The parade lap was during lunch time but probably due to above delay, it was sort of not well organised and people trying to create gap ahead didn’t help that it was more of stop and go with mainly crawling speed.

So, nothing missed if not done the parade lap but still, lots and lots of admiration from all generations.

Probably it was more than 10 years ago that I attended this event and since then, Donington has improved a lot but kept some of the nice old atmosphere.

Hope they will keep that way.

Miss all these components....



  1. Heineken's Avatar
    Nice report, thanks for sharing!