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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Recent progress

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Thank you to forumadmin for looking into the site issue.
Should be able to post without getting error message and no longer requiring the use of the 'Hybrid' display mode to jump to the last page.

Made good progress recently and already returned one of the NSX to the owner although took extra week due to unexpected electrical issue.

Because of this extra delay, had to repeat the hand cranking process again followed by the starter cranking on the other NSX sitting on the lift for years but finally, managed to fire up the engine.

Very smooth, no warning lights so Iím really happy with it.

Another catch up updating the blog.

After reviewing many factors, decided to do quick fluid service on the #4-2 NSX mentioned in my blog from May.
Leaving the Eng Refresh and the ABS Upgrade until next year as the owner doesnít drive during winter or on the wet road surface.

Another NSX with bent cable exit at the fuel pump resistor.

As the moisture and the oxygen havenít entered far enough, the cables are still flexible so very lucky.

Managed to straighten the cable exit without any concerns.

If not addressed, eventually the engine will stall immediately after fireup.

Not much to say about the fluid service.

Left MTF on this occasion.

Now about the unexpected delay caused by the audio system.

This NSX had interesting history with the electronics system despite its low mileage.

Probably one of the lowest mileage covered on the UK spec NSX.

Super clean as the owner never driven over the salt gritted road and only seen the wet road surface few times over its entire life.

Yet, there were many stories around the electronics.

Iíll leave the detail but I think I understood part of the reason why it went through these issues over the last 10 years.

Iíll just post some of the photo but in summary, certain factor resulted in popping one of the FET on the Bose AMP that I refurbished 10 years ago.

Most likely, later, the same factor caused the failure of the audio head unit that I refurbished as well.

It created short circuit on the middle circuit board.

Spoke with Heineken but he has never experienced such short circuit.

I just hope itís one of the SMD or the 2 x power reg mounted at the back of the metal frame and not the main control ICs.

Had to stop working on the head unit there as I was well behind the schedule and had to return this NSX by specific date.

So, quick rinse off and returned the NSX.

Back to the other NSX sitting on the lift.

Although I was ready to fireup the engine weeks ago, decided to repeat the fireup preparation work all over again.

So, hand cranking followed by the starter cranking without the spark plugs.

And the moment of truth.

Fired up and fully warmed up.

Very smooth engine, no warning lights so after all these months/years, Iím really happy with it.

Canít test driving just yet.

As reported earlier, the battery tester reported that the battery should be replaced as the health condition was like 70%.

However, at that time, I tested the battery shortly after disconnecting from the battery conditioner that I didnít feel confident with the test result.

Now that I disconnected the GND cable and left it for a week, decided to do the same test and once again, it stated that best replacing it.

Despite the result, I was able to crank the engine to raise the oil pressure and later, even managed to fireup the engine with ease.

It still has some juice left but may struggle once it gets really cold.

Contacted the owner and weíll decide what to do with this battery later.

It will be next day delivery if we decide to replace it.

Currently, just repeating the same suspension area bolts/nuts checking process before placing the car on the ground.

There are bit more tasks to be done (mobile ac charge, alignment bolt check, etc) but once Iím happy with the state of the car, will book MOT.

Lights at the end of the tunnel.